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Stephanie Giese

I am a 2016 graduate and this is my story. I always knew I wanted to work with horses, and that there was something out there in this world that I was supposed to do. I was never big on the idea of traditional colleges but I tried them anyway without success. I always said to myself that I wished there was a course I could take that didn’t involve taking classes that had nothing to do with my career choice. (more…)

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Jemi Morgan

At Langley Equine Studies, I found a passion for massage, that I never realized I had. I began my college experience by taking traditional college classes, but nothing seemed to click. I’ve loved horses my whole life, and always hoped to end up with a career based around them. (more…)

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Tami Deines

I would like to share my interest in MaryLou Langley’s equine massage school. I have had the blessing to live in the same
town as her. Knowing MaryLou for about 15 years, she has always helped me in several different ways. (more…)

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Yannick Grenier

Your clinic was fantastic. The main emphasis on anatomy and physiology provided a
foundation on which we can continue to build an understanding of the problems we face
taking care of horses. The method that you give is systematic, easy to remember, and very
safe. The references and the manual are very useful. The teaching of electrical stimulation is
an excellent introduction to treating pain. (more…)

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