Do you desire a career change? Say YES to a new, profitable and rewarding career in “Equine Massage & Body-works”!

Langley Equine Studies is a WA State licensed vocational college with the Workforce Training and Education Board, specializing in equine massage certification programs. Veterans may use their chapter 31 education benefits. LES is also approved by LNI (Labor & Industries).

We offer ON-LINE and ON-CAMPUS courses, both in 100 and 300 hour programs. These courses are an all-inclusive curriculum, designed to equip a student for professional certification in Equine Massage Therapy.

At Langley Equine Studies we teach a full-body massage approach, specializing in traditional “Swedish” massage techniques and is not limited to a “Sports” massage routine. Sports massage is taught in the course but is not a singular emphasis. Our courses include foundational massage, rehabilitative care, myo-fascial compensation patterns, myo-fascial release, structural integration, acupressure, trigger-point, stress-point and neuromuscular body work. All of these modalities are presented in the core curriculum.

The 100-hour course is for therapists who have their human license and want to add equine massage to their credentials.

The 300-hour course is for individual who want to work on horses only and do not hold a human massage license.

On-line programs have OPEN enrollment, Therefore, you may start at any time or enroll in one of the group classes (winter, spring and fall).These group classes have specific start and end dates.

Langley Equine Studies is the only Washington State approved college, offering a 100% On-campus classes. Out of State or International students may experience an abundant education via our On-Line classes and extensive tutorial video library. Hands-on labs are available to online students if they so choose.

The 100 and 300-hour EQMT (Equine Massage Therapist) programs comply with WA State requirements set forth by the Department of Health Board of Massage. Students can expect to learn within a hands-on environment, from an instructor who is a professional, licensed massage therapist.

On-campus “labs”, clinics and CE classes are available for individuals who seek individualized instruction or need additional hours to qualify for the State or National exam.

“If you have any interest in Equine Massage, I highly recommend Langley Equine Studies. After graduation, I feel more than ready to start my own private practice. Mary Lou will give you everything you need and more throughout her program to become a successful and well-rounded massage therapist. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in this field, but she will also be your biggest supporter during your time with her and beyond. I am very thankful I found Langley Equine Studies.” – Rylee Gaffney, Graduate

Note: Individuals who want to practice legally in the State of Washington as an equine massage therapist, need to be aware that WA. State requires a licensure, “Large Animal Endorsement”, from the Department of Health, Board of Massage and the course of study being instructed must be from an approved WA State school.

A “certification” from a 3-day clinic, two week course or any program/school that is not licensed with the State will not be recognized or hours accepted by the State for licensure.

Course Offerings

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