Certification & Regulations

Washington State Regulations for Equine Massage Therapist Licensing:

 Students who want to practice in the State of Washington, need to be aware that WA. State requires a licensure, “Large Animal Endorsement”, from the Department of Health, Board of Massage and the course of study being from an approved WA State school. Each State’s laws governing equine massage differ therefore out of state students need to be aware of their states regulations. WA State requires current WA State Licensed Massage (human) Therapist (LMT), wanting to add the Large Animal Endorsement, to their existing license, to receive 100 hours of equine massage course of study.  Students who do not have a human license (LMT), need to take the  300 hour course of study.

There are three steps in obtaining a license to practice in WA State:

  1. Attend and graduate from Langley Equine Studies
  2. Pass the NBCAAM exam (National Board for Certification of Animal Acupressure & Massage). The NBCAAM is a Washington State prerequisite to apply for your license and a graduation requirement at Langley Equine Studies.
  3. Apply and obtain your license/certificate from the DOH Board of Massage

The Board of Massage application also requires an applicant to take an HIV course and pass their jurisprudence exam (on-line).

National Board of Certification for Animal Accupressure and Massage
Washington State Department of Health Animal Massage

Langley Equine Studies