Myo-Fascial Release 102

certified massage therapist

2-Day Clinic

The 2nd MFR clinic is specific moves for each region of the body as well as some more in-depth structural integration techniques. Your participation in this 2-day clinic will include a great deal of hands-on instruction from a qualified instructor who is a professionally licensed human and equine massage therapist.

Horses will be provided for you to practice the techniques on as well as a clinic book to take home. The Langley MFR approach on horses will include numerous techniques to regain a horse’s natural posture, rhythm and balance.

For instance; the work done on the chest/sternum can greatly affect the TMJ, Hyoid and tongue within the head.

Please note: Clinic IS NOT a practitioner/certification course. Clinic includes 16 hours of education (8am – 5pm for 2 days). Limited to 10 participants.

When: To be determined

Cost: $575


19601 Rd. F.4 NE  Soap Lake, WA

If you want a clinic in your area, ask about hosting one.

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Or by phone: 509-246-8053 or 509-855-8697

Registration and deposit are required to reserve your participation.

Mary Lou Langley – MA License #60214732

“I was already certified in MFR from a different methodology which I used in my practice. I was told about the clinics at Langley Equine and after emailing with Mary Lou, she encouraged me to try her clinic. I am very glad I did! Her passion for teaching just pours from her and she freely gives you as much knowledge as you can squeeze in. She has a desire to help you become the best you can be to be successful in your own practice and she really improved my own body mechanics while working, which will prolong my own health. So looking forward to the next clinic!” – Jackie Mackenzie – Texas, Jackie’s Equine Therapy

“I definitely enjoyed and learned from Mary Lou’s equine massage weekend clinic. Mary Lou is extraordinarily knowledgeable about this topic, as well as other methods of diagnosing and healing injuries to horses. I enjoyed her teaching style and appreciated that she checked in with me throughout the clinic to ensure I was getting what I expected from the clinic. While I am no means an expert – as horse massage is a complex topic – I was able to apply my new knowledge immediately to my horses at home. I look forward to my next learning experience with Mary Lou. I really did learn a lot from your clinic – please keep me apprised of future clinics, pending when they are, I would be interested in attending another for sure.” – Jules-Ephrata

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