Myo-Fascial Release 101

1-Day Clinic

The 1st class in the MFR series is a beginner class in MFR and how the techniques are administered correctly within standard theory & practice teachings on the subject and “how to” be applied to the horse.  We offer a variety of treatment techniques, which can be used by equine therapists, horse owners and trainers to decrease pain, inflammation, and treat muscle strains by affecting the fascial system.

We provide an economical educational opportunity that establishes a solid basis, for therapy skills for starting (or improving) an equine therapy business or just improve your horse’s well-being. We ensure a positive learning environment, by facilitating healing of injuries, improve performance, provide pain relief, and soothe sore muscles by the release of the fascia. Understanding MFR methods and learning how to effectively use the techniques are a valuable addition to any rehabilitation or maintenance program and are essential to helping the horse recover. A fascial matrix surrounds all tissues and organs, holding everything in place. Fascia can be supportive or if injury or strain has occurred it can be restricting. This method is one of the best gifts you can give your horse.

You will understand lines of fascial compensation and working on the horse as a whole. Fascial restrictions affect posture, gait, circulation, cause pain and decreased range of motion. The whole body is affected by fascial restrictions.

Please note: Clinic IS NOT a practitioner/certification course. Clinic includes 8 hours of education (8am – 5pm). Limited to 10 participants.

When: To be determined

Cost: $375


19601 Rd. F.4 NE  Soap Lake, WA

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Mary Lou Langley – MA License #60214732

“I attended a great clinic with Mary Lou Langley at Langley Equine Studies. The course was well presented and there was plenty of opportunity to work on the skills during the hands-on portion. It is so important to continue to learn and increase our knowledge in Equine Massage Therapy and this clinic was full of information that will benefit our equine clients. I highly recommend any clinic put on by Langley Equine Studies!”

Lorna Smith – Desert Sage Equine Massage

Langley Equine Studies