Equine Fitness & Injury Prevention

Class Description & Schedule: Available in a combination of 1-2 day clinics.
Classes will be offered Friday-Sunday, (during summer months week-day classes are available upon request).

Three student minimum for on-site clinics. All clinics and courses offered involve Q & A discussions, lecture and testing in the class-room and hands-on sessions in the barn. A topic primer and clinic book are provided.

One day of training is from 4-8 (typically 6) hours. Students will be practicing on live equine subjects.

Clinics can be hosted by a stable – boarding facility.

Equine Fitness / Injury Prevention:
This class covers A&P, nutrition, equine science and an essential fitness program to prevent/eliminate injury. Also covers, general horse care procedures. This is a great class for horse owners and competitors.
1 day clinic
Tuition $ 175.00
Langley Equine Studies