Mission Statement

Mary Lou w student ColonelLangley Equine Studies is dedicated in providing the highest quality, learning opportunity, in the field of equine massage and alternative therapies.

This educational institution will provide a diverse curriculum promoting learning inside and outside the traditional classroom. We ensure competency and excellence, instilling with passion the ability to improve the well–being of our equine clients.

Our mission is to teach with integrity a wealth of knowledge and experience in equine therapeutic practices and equine self-enrichment classes. We endeavor to provide the structure, inspiration and empowerment of our students in their career and personal goals.

Introduction and Educational Philosophy

Our students will discover an abundant education and atmosphere, which is rich in the sacred art of healing, body, mind and spirit. We provide an enriching authentic educational experience.

The programs we offer are well proportioned, combining a solid base in practical theory and application, with many hours of supervised hands-on training.  You will receive a unique and efficient education. We will equip you with the skills for a rewarding career.  Our courses are developed to reflect an attitude of service and good -will. Our goal is to prepare graduates to work and prosper, maintaining a successful career, by utilizing goal-setting strategies and healthy positive lifestyle choices.

Langley Equine Studies