Fundamentals of Equine Massage: I am here to educate and equip horse loving people to care for horses and themselves, through the application of massage therapy; not only to learn massage, but introduce other healing modalities which assist horses and humans to become healthy, vibrant vessels, functioning as a team. On Campus and Long Distance. Tuition $125.00

How to Massage Your Own Horse (non-certification class): 2 day Clinic. Learn the basics of equine massage in this effective hands-on workshop. Tuition $375.00 / $25.00 Non-refundable registration fee

Advanced Equine Sports Massage: 1 day Clinic $165.00

Aromatherapy For Horses: 1 day clinic $175.00

Licensing isn’t necessary for these additional therapy classes. They are beneficial and complementary, to your micro-current stimulation education.  A “Certificate of Completion” will be awarded upon completion of these additional therapy classes. These are great CE classes for equine therapist.

Equine Trigger Point Therapy: 2 Day Clinic. Tuition $250.00

Acupressure Point Therapy For Horses: 6 hour class Tuition $175.00

Equine Body Work – Myo-fascial Release 101 & 102 Programs:

101: Myo-fascial Release & Body-Work: 1 Day. Learn how to work on your own horse: Tuition $185.00

102: Advanced Myo-fascial Release & Body Work Certification Class: 2 days. Course includes
structural in
tegration. Tuition $375.00

Equine Fitness / Injury Prevention: This class covers A & P, nutrition, equine science and a
proper fitness program to prevent/eliminate injury. Also covers, general horse care procedures.
This is a great class for horse owners and competitors.  1 day clinic: Tuition $ 175.00
Advance 2 day clinic $250.00