Local or Hosted Clinics

Clinics are available locally in Eastern Washington at the Langley Equine Studies campus or can be hosted by horse enthusiasts at other facilities around the nation. Clinics being held off site need a 10-participant minimum for booking the event.

A 3-student minimum is required for on-campus events. All clinics offered involve Q & A discussion, lecture, clinic take home textbook, verbal testing in the classroom and hands-on sessions in the barn with real horses.

We all know, horses don’t speak “English” and therefore can’t tell us if they have a headache or back ache like we can. They have different ways to communicate when they are not feeling right. This type of communication is non-verbal. It is seen in their countenance, body language, gait, lack of performance and what some call misbehaving, “bad” or ill behavior like bucking, rearing, swishing tail, bolting or spooking, etc. A lot of this behavior is stemming from pain.

It is amazing what simple massage strokes can do for a muscle sore horse. For instance; a horse standing base narrow on the front may all of sudden stand correctly distanced apart, or a cocked hind leg adjusts and the horse stands squarely. True lameness needs to be diagnosed by a veterinarian but many issues under saddle can be resolved with massage. The 2-Day “How To” Massage Your Own Horse Clinic is great for this assessment and gain the knowledge to help your horse.

Mary Lou Langley, owner and operator of Langley Equine Studies, teaches that undiagnosed and untreated pain often causes horses to fail in their owners desired discipline. Over decades of practical experience in private practice and as an avid horse owner, rider and instructor she has learned how to “read” a horse’s body language and then use massage and or other bodywork methods including micro -current therapy / laser / low frequency sound- wave to relieve muscular pain, caused by stress, tension, adhesions, trauma and injuries. The benefits of massage for the horse are significant, a pain-free horse that feels better, therefore behaves and performs more willingly and has a better chance at success. A healthy horse is a happy horse.

Massage is a great remedy for muscular pain and savvy horse owners have learned it is a major key to the maintenance and well-being of their horses.

We offer the following clinics:

  • Equine Fitness & Injury Prevention Clinic
    • Dates = To be determined upon interest
  • Myo-Fascial Release Clinics
    • Equine Myo-Fascial Release 101 1-Day Clinic
      • Dates = To be determined upon interest
    • Equine Myo-Fascial Release 102 2-Day Clinic
      • Dates = To be determined upon interest
    • Equine Myo-Fascial Release 103 Advanced “Mock Chiro” 2-Day Clinic

These clinics are excellent continued education opportunities for therapist seeking CE hours.

Additional dates will be added upon interest.

It is advised for the layperson to attend the “How To” massage your own horse clinic prior to attending any of the myo-fascial release clinics.

If interested in attending any of the above mentioned clinics or to reserve your position in class, please call me at 509-246-8053 or 509-855-8697 or email at langleyequinestudies@outlook.com

Interested in hosting a clinic in your area? Contact us for more info.



Student Testimony: “I had the opportunity to attend the two day equine massage clinic for horse owners last weekend. It was so fun and I learned so much! MaryLou Langley is an excellent instructor and horsewoman. The first day we learned a lot about the anatomy of the horse, skeletal and muscular, tendons , ligaments and fascia… I gained a  whole new respect for my riding partner!! It is amazing what we take for granted!! We learned how to spot problem areas in posture, movement and attitude in the horse. Then we learned by putting our hands on the horse  how to feel and detect areas of restriction or soreness. Then we learned all sorts of massage techniques to help our horses recover and move more freely. The hands on learning and practicing all the modalities of massage and watching the horses respond with relaxation, huge sighs of relief, head shakes, yawns, licking/chewing, eyes half closed as they just enjoyed the release of tightness was priceless!!! Then I came home and have been working on my gelding on a hindquarter muscle (that I didn’t even know was so bound up before this clinic) and watch him lean into me and watch the muscle relax and watch his stride improve has been very rewarding. So to sum this up, this was only the two day clinic to help your own horses, it was well worth the investment in time and money!!! There is also a 300 hour course to become certified and legal equine massage therapist that I am dreaming about. Two thumbs up for Langley Equine Studies ?? Thanks so much for the fun, informative clinic, hoping my boys will reap the benefits!!!” – Sharon Long, Waterville, WA.

Student Testimony: Marnee Cleveland says this about Day 1 or our equine massage clinic: “Kathy Blatecky and I are in Soap Lake this weekend attending an equine massage clinic!! We did not spend a lot of time on the horse today. It was mostly classroom time going over muscles and the horse skeleton. Several hours into the day and I’m thinking……what did I get myself into!?!

BUT…..then, you get to put your Hands on the horse….and then, you find a sore muscle……AND if you are lucky you may apply the right technique to release the tension…and then, you get a happy horse ? ..licking and chewing!!
Payment for a day spent in the classroom. learning what it takes to get results!!
It is a amazing how the horse responses…to even the inexperienced hands!!
Day two tomorrow!! For now, I’m taking my achy, full brain to bed to dream of muscles and massage!”


Student Testimony: Day 2 of the equine massage clinic…
“I woke up to very sore hands!! I don’t know if this means, I’m not massaging correctly and I’m hurting myself or I just have weak hand muscles.?..but I continued on….rubbing, pulling, sliding, gliding, squeezing, ringing, needing, skin rolling, hacking and yes, even pummeling!! Where is Tank you ask?? Standing there..enjoying the whole process!! Oh, if horses could smile! He was one happy horse!!

I took this clinic, thinking/dreaming, maybe I could do equine massage as a second career? Or just supplement my horse habits!! Well, I have a lot to think about, read, research and practice!
Mary Lou Langley gave us so much information my brain is on over load! I’m sure she crammed 300 hours of material into two days!
If you have ever thought about taking her clinic or her eight month class…..do it!! She is a talented, knowledgeable teacher! You won’t be sorry. 
For me…it’s practice, practice, practice! The horses, dogs, and husband are going to love me! It’s massages for everyone!!”
Marnee Cleveland – Okanogan WA.

Langley Equine Studies