Equine Massage 2-Day Clinic

What You Will Learn

  • How to better maintain your own horses, basic techniques and massage sequences.
  • How massage helps aid in health immune, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems and much more.
  • Learn the language of pain and identify areas of tension & trauma.
  • Develop a better bond with your horse.
  • Learn from a qualified instructor, professionally licensed massage therapist.

Please note: Clinic is NOT a practitioner/certification course. Clinic includes 16 hours of education (8am – 5pm for 2 days). Limited to 10 participants.


  • To be determined upon interest

Cost: $400


19601 Rd. F.4 NE  Soap Lake, WA

Register Online

Or contact Mary Lou Langley by email: langleyequinestudies@outlook.com or by phone: 509-246-8053 or 509-855-8697.

Registration and deposit are required to reserve your participation.

If you want a clinic in your area, ask about hosting one.

MA License #60214732

“I attended a clinic that introduces people to equine message therapy. It was time well spent. This brief overview will not only improve my riding but also how I interact with horses. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who works with horses in any way. The information was presented in a well laid out format that flowed well from one point to the next. What made the clinic so enjoyable was the instructor. Mary Lou has a great wealth of knowledge but more than that, she truly has the heart of a teacher. The passion she has for the work that she is doing clearly comes through how she teaches. She was able to convey what she knows to me so that at the end of the clinic I felt confident enough to work on one of the school’s horses. This truly was a great way to spend the day.” – Lorna Smith

“I definitely enjoyed and learned from Mary Lou’s equine massage weekend clinic. Mary Lou is extraordinarily knowledgeable about this topic, as well as other methods of diagnosing and healing injuries to horses. I enjoyed her teaching style and appreciated that she checked in with me through- out the clinic to ensure I was getting what I expected from the clinic. While I am no means an expert – as horse massage is a complex topic – I was able to apply my new knowledge immediately to my horses at home. I look forward to my next learning experience with Mary Lou. I really did learn a lot from your clinic – please keep me apprised of future clinics, pending when they are, I would be interested in attending another for sure.” – Jules-Ephrata

Your clinic was fantastic. The main emphasis on anatomy and physiology provided a foundation on which we can continue to build an understanding of the problems we face taking care of horses. The method that you give is systematic, easy to remember, and very safe. The references and the manual are very useful. The teaching of electrical stimulation is an excellent introduction to treating pain. The clinic was effective since I have been using the massage and stretching techniques every time I groom my horses since I met you.  You need to know that Saydie’s (Horse) eye has remained open and the drainage has stopped. I have been stretching her daily and she can now stand for quite a while on her left injured leg. She has gained weight and is eating better.   Twist (Horse) is also being stretched but she is tight and the progress is slower. I work on both hamstrings and stretch all 4 legs every time I groom her.  On a more personal basis, you helped my beloved Saydie and Twist. They mean a lot to me, and I am very grateful. You are a gem.” – Yannick Grenier, New York

Mary Lou’s clinic for horse owners was a very valuable experience. I’m walking away with new tools to connect with my lease horse “Zoe”. I can recognize what her body language is saying about how her body is feeling and how to help her feel the best she can. I’ve recently become interested in equine massage and this clinic gave me the groundwork and fundamentals, arming me with the hands-on skills to begin practicing massage techniques on my horse. Our horses give us so much… this is a way to learn what we can give back to them. Thank you, Mary Lou, for a very compressive and informative 2 days.”     Alex Rozga – Portland OR

This foundation class beat all my expectations! It was so moving the first time a technique I learned on my horse helped him release and relax. This class had a lot of classroom time but it set a student up to understand the anatomy, conformation, posture with a real emphasis on skeletal and muscle systems. I will never look at a horse the same way. I will always see the anatomy and not just a horse. This class left me wanting to learn more.”     Joanne Hiltwein – Benton City, WA

“Today I was reminded why I enjoy teaching equine massage. During our 2 Day Foundation Class for horse owners, a student said the clinic passes all her expectations and she even teared up when a simple effleurage technique caused her horse to take a big sigh of relief.”

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