Performance Standards

A quiz/test may be administered after each lesson to determine the amount of learning that has taken place. Test scores that are below 75 percent are an indication that the necessary skills for entry into employment were not acquired. A minimum of two tests and one final will be given each quarter.

Grades will be calculated with the following formula:

Grading System:

90 - 100%AExcellent
80 - 89%BGood
70 - 79%CAverage
60 - 69%DPoor

Quarterly GPA is a weighted grading system: In consideration to attendance, performance, home-work assignment completion, quiz, exam’s, practical and other labs.

A passing grade on tests and finals is a minimum of 75%.

Hands on Practical “LAB” score (75% or better is a pass). 75% score is required or additional hands on testing will be imposed.

Langley Equine Studies has a high standard of excellence; therefore the quarterly and year-end GPA of 75% is required for course completion and graduation. If the minimum GPA is not acquired a make-up final or additional work will be imposed at the discretion of the instructor or school director. Make-up work is not a guarantee and therefore should not be assumed that it is easily offered.

Graduation Requirements:

  • Grade point average 75% or higher
  • Satisfactory completion of all required class work assignments
  • Demonstrate proficiency in bodywork technique
  • Complete total number of hours as required by WA State DOH Board of Massage.
  • Pass all “Final” Exams with a 75% minimum
  • All tuition and fees paid in full
  • All borrowed material returned
  • Washington State resident students, are required to take the NBCAAM exam prior to graduation.

Upon the successful completion of the above listed requirements the student will receive his/her certification of completion.

Certification:  Graduates of our equine massage program are awarded the LAMP (Large Animal Massage Practitioner) Certificate of Achievement.


Langley Equine Studies