Advanced Myo-Fascial Release 103

2-Day Clinic

This 3rd clinic demonstrates the “Langley Mock Chiro” series of techniques. These are legal MFR modified moves derived from popular chiropractic practices. Chiropractic is popular amongst equine competitors, but is often being performed by illegal therapist and the results are usually not sustaining. The only practitioners in the State of WA who can legally perform chiropractic moves on a horse and charge for them is a veterinary.

This class teaches what is typically taught in an equine chiropractic classes, but with a modified version of hand positions which are legal for massage therapist to perform. As a licensed massage therapist with decades of experience treating horses, Mary Lou has developed her own unique and highly effective method that produces lasting effects with the horse soft tissue. Remember, bones don’t move on their own, muscle via a tendon attachment move bones by pulling on the bone.

Knowing these moves will greatly enhance your business and benefit your clients. These techniques of MFR will give you an edge in this competitive market of “body workers”.

Please note: Clinic IS NOT a practitioner/certification course. Clinic includes 16 hours of education (8am – 5pm for 2 days). Limited to 10 participants.

When: June 12-13th 2021

Cost: $400


19601 Rd. F.4 NE  Soap Lake, WA

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“I attended Mary Lou’s clinic in fall 2020. As an upcoming therapist, it was important to me to continue my education and be informed on the difference one can make with the horses’ muscles and body, doing myofascial releases and muscle manipulation instead of adjustments.
Mary Lou reviews the chiropractic move with you and adjusts it to the massage level.
It taught me the difference in Chiropractic moves and massage / myofascial moves that can be done on horses and what I can do differently, getting better results. The clinic showed me, as a massage student and soon to be therapist, how to achieve results without ‘chiropractic adjustments.’
I highly recommend this clinic to broaden your knowledge on the differences between the two. Mary Lou’s vast knowledge of the horse’s system is unlike no other, and I am ever grateful to know her. If you get the chance, I recommend you attend this clinic. Very empowering.” – Marcie Loshbaugh

“The clinic helped me understand the thinking and logic behind chiropractic and showed me a way to communicate to my future clients. Mary Lou showed alternative methods to get the same (if not better) result and apply it to my massage techniques while keeping everything smooth, natural and flowing.” – Jamie Kaupp

“A big thank you to you, Mary Lou Langley! I absolutely loved attending your Langley Equine Advanced Myofascial workshop this past weekend. The information was spot on, easy to understand, utilize and so effective! You NEVER disappoint! You are always worth the time, energy and effort! Thank you so much!” – Audra Walley

I was lucky enough to attend the Advanced Myofascial Release course at
Langley Equine Studies this past weekend, where I learned new skills and techniques to better help your horses return to their full and correct range of motion, without force or stress. What a day! Invaluable information that will reap huge rewards for your horses, and I am very excited to add these tools to my work. Huge thanks to Mary Lou for another stellar education.” – Beth Hill, Equilibrium Equine Bodywork