Online student testimony: I had a great time doing the online program and Mary Lou is a most helpful teacher. She made me feel confident in my massage skills. The program is very thorough, which is why I chose it over simple 3-day certifications. I highly recommend it and it’s truly amazing! I learned so much about horses and now I can help and heal them with the amazing schooling LES gave me. – Leslie Ring, Online 2020 Graduate

Program graduate testimony: You are doing a great service! One of the trainers I work with had a get together back in November. When I introduced him to my husband he said that he really appreciates the work that I do. He said he has encountered a lot of people that call themselves Equine Massage Therapists and was not impressed with any of them. He said what impressed him about me was the knowledge I had and the scientific basis I had behind the things that I did. I could actually explain what I was doing and how it affected the horse. You are responsible for my success! Without the great teaching from you, I wouldn’t be able to be effective! – L. Smith

Student in 2nd quarter: When I first signed up for this school, I knew I was going to be learning a lot but I never imagined how much. I am grateful for you and what you offer. Thank you for caring enough and going above and beyond to mold and produce superior therapists. – Tara C.

Online students testimony regarding our vast course video resource library: I watch them all a couple times! I pick something up every time. They are wonderful! I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into this! – Audry

300 Hour On-line student testimony: I am 2019 Online graduate from Langley Equine Studies. I had a great experience with Mary Lou and her Online program. Even though I was close enough to do the On Campus class, the Online program fit my schedule and life better so I could study on my own time schedule. Mary Lou was super accommodating in spending the time with me that I needed to feel confident in what I was learning and made sure I knew she was still here to help me, even though I wasn’t seeing her physically every week as an online student. She truly wants her students to succeed and her passion for helping horses is seen through her teaching and reflected in her students. I am very excited to continue to learn and grow as an equine massage therapist and I definitely have Mary Lou to thank for that! – Lyndenn Knodel

300 Hour On-campus student testimony: My experience at Langley Equine Studies was a great one. Not only did I learn all about massage and many techniques, but I also learned so much about horses that I had no idea about. Before I started school, I thought I knew quite a bit, but boy was I wrong. I was ignorant of many things and I’m so grateful for the education I received because now I’m not only a great massage therapist but also an all-around great horse woman. Mary Lou is an amazing instructor and therapist, I strive to be at least half as good as she is. Although she would want to see me become even better. She is all about her students succeeding even after graduating and I feel she prepared me very well for the real world. The class work itself was pretty intense and fast paced but she taught it in a way that made it a lot easier to understand. As an on-campus student, I was able to build a really good relationship with her that I hope lasts a lot longer than just the school year. If you are interested in equine massage, I highly recommend Langley Equine Studies, I truly enjoyed the program and am happy with my choice. – Amanda Eaton, Quincy WA

Testimony from a 300 hour on-line student: Hello Mary Lou! Just checking in to let you know I am ready for Lesson 7. I have also completed all the videos for the lessons I have completed and they are still VERY helpful for me. I have been working on horses of family and friends and feel that with every horse I learn something new or notice something special that gives me more confidence as a massage therapist. I also want to thank you for the “kick in the butt” I needed when I visited last. You gave me the speech I was needing to make me a better student and helped me have the motivation to follow my dream. So thank you, very much. – Emily Stankey.

100 Hour Student Testimony: I enrolled in the Equine Massage Endorsement distance learning program at Langley Equine Studies. I am a current licensed “human” massage therapist and I wanted to add the animal endorsement to my license. I was nervous to do distance-learning because I did not own a horse of my own, but I came to find out, that was not even an issue. Mary Lou’s videos for the course were so informative and really made it feel like you were right there with her. And for being a distance course, I really felt like I could get a hold of Mary Lou whenever I had a question about the coursework. My favorite time was when I could head out to the school campus and do a few hands-on classes! The campus is so welcoming, there are so many horses to learn on and they all have different personalities, and the guest speakers that came to teach us horsemanship, behavior and handling, marketing and business practices only added to the experience! I definitely recommend Langley Equine Studies for learning equine massage! Not only will you get a comprehensive education and be set up for your future career, but you will become part of the Langley family and you’ll just keep learning new things all the time. – Courtney Emch

300 Hour On-campus student testimony: I am a 2016 graduate and this is my story. I always knew I wanted to work with horses, and that there was something out there in this world that I was supposed to do. I was never big on the idea of traditional colleges but I tried them anyway without success. I always said to myself that I wished there was a course I could take that didn’t involve taking classes that had nothing to do with my career choice. Well my wish was granted! Not only did I find a school that would give me the ability to work with horses, it was practically in my backyard. From the moment I met Mary Lou and her horse Colonel, I knew I had found my calling. I started off as a “long distance” student, but life threw me come curveballs and I was starting to lose concentration and momentum. Instead of giving up on me and just writing me off as a failed student, Mary Lou was full of faith and encouragement. She suggested I transfer to the on campus class that was starting in a few short months. Let me tell you that was the best advice! Being in the classroom setting having the other students and Mary Lou to interact with was just what I needed to keep me motivated and inspired to finish. Thanks to some hard work and wonderful mentoring I not only completed the course but graduated with honors! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a career in equine massage to come learn from Mary Lou. She is truly an inspiration! I hope that I make her proud, because I know I’m very proud to be a graduate from Langely Equine Studies! – Stephanie Giese

300 Hour On-campus student testimony: At Langley Equine Studies, I found a passion for massage, that I never realized I had. I began my college experience by taking traditional college classes, but nothing seemed to click. I’ve loved horses my whole life, and always hoped to end up with a career based around them. Equine massage has allowed me to become so much more knowledgeable about horses, be able to interact with them – and still earn a living! Mary Lou is a fantastic instructor and I learned so much from her teaching. She has a passion for helping her students be able to succeed. Thank you Mary Lou and Langley Equine Studies! – Jemi Morgan

Clinic testimony: I would like to share my interest in MaryLou Langley’s equine massage school. I have had the blessing to live in the same town as her. Knowing Mary Lou for about 15 years, she has always helped me in several different ways. Last summer, I had an opportunity to attend Rodeo Queen University Camp. She was able to teach the horse knowledge part of the clinic. I have received a lot of her education from one on one and it was always so helpful, but seeing her ability to teach a group of girls of all ages and having their full respect the whole time was truly amazing. She is blessed with a gift to teach. A good teacher, genuinely caring, loving and selfless, which all of the above describes MaryLou . She is talented in many different ways from making top of the line queen clothes to bringing back horses to the competition arena and healing humans with massage she changes the lives of people and animals. She has this ability to share her passion and spread the knowledge that so many people need to learn.
I have been competing since the age of 5 and I believe that massage is a great way to heal a horse naturally.  To keep the muscles healthy and a horse able to perform at their top level every weekend and not become soar. I’m currently a senior at CWU, I will receive my bachelors in Exercise Science. Hopefully when I graduate I will be able to continue my education and become an equine massage therapist. Where I can live my dream to rodeo every weekend and be able to work on horses while I am there educating honors on horse health and human health and the importance of both to be a top competitor. I would be blessed to have the ability to attend MaryLou’s school here in Washington where there is no other school of this type around. I would be able to start my  dream career and share on my love for horses and the sport of rodeo. – Tami Deines

Langley Equine Studies