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Micro-Current Stimulation for Horses

Objective: This course covers how to administer, safely and effectively, micro-current stimulation therapy to treat horses with various conditions.

Equine Micro-current Certification Course
This course includes an introductory level and advance in-depth training in micro-current stimulation techniques and hands-on training. To obtain the Equine Micro-current Certification (EQMC), students are required to complete 3 case studies and pass a written test.

Length: Two 8 hour days (Total of 16 hours)
Price: $450.00

Electro-acupuncture (Micro-Current) For Horses: Introductory course in equine non-invasive acupuncture. A basic course utilizing acupressure points with micro-current probes.

Length: 16 hours
Price: $450.00

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