Yannick Grenier

Your clinic was fantastic. The main emphasis on anatomy and physiology provided a
foundation on which we can continue to build an understanding of the problems we face
taking care of horses. The method that you give is systematic, easy to remember, and very
safe. The references and the manual are very useful. The teaching of electrical stimulation is
an excellent introduction to treating pain. The clinic was effective since I have been using the
massage and stretching techniques every time I groom my horses since I met you.  You need
to know that Saydie’s (Horse) eye has remained open and the drainage has stopped. I have
been stretching her daily and she can now stand for quite a while on her left injured leg. She
has gained weight and is eating better.   Twist (Horse) is also being stretched but she is tight
and the progress is slower. I work on both hamstrings and stretch all 4 legs every time I groom
her.   On a more personal basis, you helped my beloved Saydie and Twist. They mean a lot to
me, and I am very grateful. You are a gem.

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