Tami Deines

I would like to share my interest in MaryLou Langley’s equine massage school. I have had the blessing to live in the same
town as her. Knowing MaryLou for about 15 years, she has always helped me in several different ways. Last summer, I had an
opportunity to attend Rodeo Queen University Camp. She was able to teach the horse knowledge part of the clinic. I have
received a lot of her education from one on one and it was always so helpful, but seeing her ability to teach a group of girls of
all ages and having their full respect the whole time was truly amazing. She is blessed with a gift to teach. A good teacher
genially caring loving and selfless, which all of the above describes MaryLou . She is talented in many different ways from
making top of the line queen clothes to bringing back horses to the competition arena and healing humans with massage she
changes the lives of people and animals. She has this ability to share her passion and spread the knowledge that so many
people need to learn.
I have been competing since the age of 5 and I believe that massage is a great way to heal a horse naturally.  To keep the
muscles healthy and a horse able to perform at their top level every weekend and not become soar. I’m currently a senior at
CWU, I will receive my bachelors in Exercise Science.  Hopefully when I graduate I will be able to continue my education
and become an equine massage therapist. Where I can live my dream to rodeo every weekend and be able to work on horses
while I am there educating honors on horse health and human health and the importance of both to be a top competitor. I
would be blessed to have the ability to attend MaryLou’s school here in Washington where there is no other school of this
type around. I would be able to start my  dream career and share on my love for horses and the sport of rodeo.

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