Stephanie Giese

I am a 2016 graduate and this is my story. I always knew I wanted to work with horses, and that there was something out there in this world that I was supposed to do. I was never big on the idea of traditional colleges but I tried them anyway without success. I always said to myself that I wished there was a course I could take that didn’t involve taking classes that had nothing to do with my career choice. Well my wish was granted! Not only did I find a school that would give me the ability to work with horses, it was practically in my backyard. From the moment I met Mary Lou and her horse Colonel, I knew I had found my calling. I started off as a “long distance” student, but life threw me come curveballs and I was starting to lose concentration and momentum. Instead of giving up on me and just writing me off as a failed student, Mary Lou was full of faith and encouragement. She suggested I transfer to the on campus class that was starting in a few short months. Let me tell you that was the best advice! Being in the classroom setting having the other students and Mary Lou to interact with was just what I needed to keep me motivated and inspired to finish. Thanks to some hard work and wonderful mentoring I not only completed the course but graduated with honors! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a career in equine massage to come learn from Mary Lou. She is truly an inspiration! I hope that I make her proud, because I know I’m very proud to be a graduate from Langely Equine Studies!

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