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Mary Lou is what makes Langley Equine Studies such an amazing school! Not only does she have an incredible depth of knowledge of both horses and massage, but she has the ability to teach her students in a way for them to truly succeed. As a 16-year human massage practitioner myself, I was humbled at how much I still had to learn and grateful at how much knowledge I gained under Mary Lou’s instruction. I learned muscle origins, insertions and actions far more thoroughly in this course than I did in my 800 hour human program and that is greatly due to Mary Lou’s challenging and encouraging teaching style.

Dana Peterson, 2023 100-Hour Graduate

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Langley Equine Studies is the place to be! Mary Lou has a knack for bringing her wealth of knowledge and materials in the curriculum alive! She makes it easy to see beneath the skin of the horse so that you really understand what you are doing and how it affects the muscles. Was this course hard? “Intense” may be a better word, but I wouldn’t trade it for any other school. I learned so much about the systems, bones and muscles of a horse. I also learned different modalities that I feel confident in walking out into the business force. Each one was taught with thoroughness and with a compassionate teacher’s heart. The hands-on labs, the facility, and the knowledge just can’t be beat. Absolutely. I highly, highly recommend Langley Equine Studies.

Judy Watson, 2022 Graduate.

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I had decided that at 47 years old, it was time for a career change. LES is one of the toughest schools I have been to and this is after 21 years in the military. Mary Lou is a caring and amazing instructor. Her curriculum is loaded with detailed information, the process of continually building your knowledge as you go is easy to follow, but don’t think it isn’t work. Hands-on practicals at her facility helped develop my confidence and ensured my body mechanics will allow me to follow my dreams for many years. She gives so much of her time, making sure that each student understands and is ready to continue practicing massages on their own. Every time I left, I was re-charged and excited to follow my dreams. I can’t say enough about Langley Equine Studies.

Kellian Whidden, Vancouver WA.

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“I was thoroughly impressed with the program as a whole and am glad I chose this program. The 300-hour course was insightful and thoughtfully put together. The live hands-on labs at Mary’s facility were amazing, and I learned so much at each one. I came away from the labs with a new appreciation for equine massage and new techniques and confidence after every session. The group dynamic at labs was also helpful as we all were able to watch and thoughtfully critique each other’s work. The lessons in each quarter build on top of the knowledge you gain as you move forward in the curriculum. This made it easy to learn and helped with remembering the information in the lessons. Overall, my experience was great and I highly recommend Mary Langley and Langley Equine Studies.”

Amanda Cross (WA) – 2021 Graduate

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“This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Even if I don’t earn a dime with this as a business, it has been worth every cent. The curriculum is thorough and difficult, but doable! I feel super equipped to have a successful business. My horsemanship skills have sky rocketed and I feel so confident in the fact that I know how my horse works inside and out, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Horses respond to me so much better, because ‘I get them’ now. I highly recommend this school. Mary Lou is a great teacher, patient and kind, but at the same time has high expectations of her students. I have gone over the schools textbooks and videos numerous times and I take something new away every time. I have all of her lessons printed out in binders in my office. Invaluable resources for the future!”

Stacie Robinson – 2021 Graduate

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