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“I had a great time doing the online program and Mary Lou is a most helpful teacher. She made me feel confident in my massage skills. The program is very thorough, which is why I chose it over simple 3-day certifications. I highly recommend this program. It is truly amazing! I learned so much about horses and now I can help and heal them with the amazing schooling LES gave me.”

Leslie Ring (Oregon) – Graduated from online program in 2020

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“I really enjoyed the entire course. I loved the material and Mary Lou was very supportive and proactive preparing us for our tests and I have learned so much about both horses and myself. It’s been a true journey. Through her course, I have become a better horseman, a better rider and a capable equine massage therapist. I could not have asked for more out of a course anywhere.”

Vanessa Koper Hanscom – Graduated from online program in 2020

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“You are doing a great work! One of the trainers I work with had a get together back in November. When I introduced him to my husband he said that he really appreciates the work that I do. He said he has encountered a lot of people that call themselves Equine Massage Therapists and was not impressed with any of them. He said what impressed him about me was the knowledge I had and the scientific basis I had behind the things that I did. I could actually explain what I was doing and how it affected the horse. You are responsible for my success! Without great teaching from you I wouldn’t be effective!”

Lorna Smith – Graduated in May 2018

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“I’m very proud to say that this is the first time I’ve been able to use an exam result to know what I need to work on or what I don’t clearly understand. I think that’s a real accomplishment, I feel like I’ve had a mature, reasonable experience with this school and I am very happy about it, and of course I love the material and I appreciate that the teachers are so supportive and helpful through all of it.”

VK (South Carolina) – Online Student 2020

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Tara Castro

“When I first signed up for this school, I knew I was going to be learning a lot but I never imagined how much. I am grateful for you and what you offer. Thank you for caring enough and going above and beyond to mold and produce superior therapists.”

Tara Castro – Online Student 2020

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