Karri Russell

There are few times in our lives that we feel we have found your niche in life, this program was it for me.

I was in the first graduating class at Langley Equine studies and graduated May of 2015, there is not a day that I regret the time and money spent on this program. It is a laborious course but well worth it! I learned all the needed skills to be a successful equine massage therapist from this course, but learned many life skills in the process.

Mary Lou has a gift for finding your strengths as a therapist and building on them, but not neglecting your weaknesses either. She meets the exact needs of each student to ensure they will thrive in the industry, and be well rounded and extremely well educated therapists. From anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, and much more; your knowledge of the equine body will increase tenfold. Everything you need and more to become a knowledgeable equine massage therapist, and with that added “wow” factor most therapists from other institutions lack.

Her sheer passion for what she does and the enthusiasm she greets each day with was contagious, it made taking her class a pure joy and sparked that fire to want to learn and succeed in this industry. Her course is most definitely a cut above the rest, she takes each student as they are and simply molds the raw talent they already possess. As an instructor she strives to give each student the learning experience they need and structures herself to meet the learning style of her students.

The Langley Equine Studies facility is perfectly equipped for its needs. The absolute tranquility of the location is an added bonus. New equine cases are constantly presented to the students through the horses on the property, as well as off campus experiences that aid in the ability to developed a keen eye for conformation, gate analysis, and many opportunities for hands on learning.

Mary Lou is constantly challenging herself to give her students the best education possible through lecture, visuals, and adequate hands on time. I highly suggest this course to any passionate equestrian.

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