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As an LMP already, I was looking for a school that would be able to offer me a course that would
both fulfil the state requirements for me to add large animal massage to my license, and teach
me new skills and techniques beyond my human massage foundation. I had already done some
training in equine massage, and I struggled to find a course that was designed specifically for LMPs.

Then I found Langley Equine Studies, offering a tailor-made course for LMPs. From my very first
email, my experience with Mary Lou Langley was encouraging and constructive. She took the
time to assess my personal situation and needs and how she could best help me. I was so
excited to enroll and join the Langley alumni.

Mary Lou is a passionate and dedicated therapist and teacher. She encouraged me to foster my
natural strengths as a therapist, and to work at those techniques that I found more difficult. She
recognises that every individual will develop their own style over time, and provides a solid, safe
foundation that protects the therapist’s body and sets us up for a long, successful career.

The school is beautifully equipped with a comfortable, welcoming class room, an extensive
reference library, a clean and tidy barn, and several wonderful horses who provide great
teachable moments. I loved every minute of being at the school.

Classes were well structured to give purpose and direction to the day but also allowed for
exploration of situations and questions that came up as we worked. I came home with an
abundance of new knowledge and skills, as well as a long list of further reading that had been
inspired by my time with Mary Lou.

My skills, knowledge and techniques have all grown and improved under Mary Lou’s
conscientous and supportive teaching, but the biggest improvement for me was in my
confidence in myself. She truly wants all of her students to succeed and to be the best they can
be, and I am so grateful to call her one of my mentors in the bodywork community.

As a student who had been leaning towards the better known schools in the state, I am
extremely glad that I chose Langley Equine Studies, and would not hesitate to recommend this
school to anybody looking to transform their career and discover their real potential as a

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