Online Enrollment Winter Special

300 Hour Professional Certification EQMT 302

This 8-month program includes 40 weekly lessons and “How to” videos teaching equine massage therapy. Students will be required to send video representation of their massage skills to instructor throughout the course for practical evaluation. This is an in-depth comprehensive class, requiring considerable effort, time and dedication. A student needs to be self-motivated and study outside of class. Successful students need to prepare to study a minimum of 10 hours outside of class a week to succeed.

Winter Special Details

  • Take our winter class and your books are free ($350 Value).
  • Receive additional enrollment discount of $500 ($250 credited to 2nd and 4th quarter tuition)
  • Registration deadline: December 21st 2019
  • Class Starts: January 6th 2020

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Non-WA State Students: Online students from States or Countries that do not regulate equine massage aren’t required to complete on-campus Lab-101 but it is highly recommended.

WA State Students: Online students are required to take the 50 hour hands on Lab–101 after completing 250 hours of course material for WA State and NBCAAM requirements.

Admission Procedures and Requirements:

  • Students must possess a High School Diploma, a General Education Development (GED) Diploma, “Ability to benefit” or standard test; standards (see WAC 490-105-140). .
  • Students must be 18 years of age or older and physically able to perform animal (equine) massage.
  • Students must speak English
  • Submit written school application form
  • Attend admission interview
  • Pay $100.00 application fee
  • Submit 2 third party personal letters of recommendation
  • If tuition is not paid in full at beginning of course, student must show proof of ability to pay, according to the agreed upon tuition contract.
  • Submit a statement of professional goals
  • Upon acceptance into the on-campus program student must: pay $500.00 class deposit (reserves their place in the program. These funds will be applied towards tuition/books) once class has started.
  • The school must provide the student a copy of the signed enrollment agreement.

Important note: In order to accommodate students with diverse, educational, professional backgrounds and equine experience, students may be subject to required tutorials at the teacher’s discretion. Students must be comfortable working around horses; prior equine experience is recommended but not necessary.

Class Size: The maximum class size is ten for a student/teacher ratio of 10:1.

Note on “LABS”: WA State & NBCAAM require a certain amount of hands-on (live) instruction. For students from States that do not regulate equine massage therapy by law, nor require hands on hours, it is not mandatory to participate in the 50 hour hands on-labs, although they are highly recommended for students who can travel to the LES Campus. These Out-of-State students will be provided many LES videos of hands-on training to cover required subject matter of Theory & Practice, Behavior & Handling, Safety and Advance Techniques. These videos consist of live footage of Mary Lou Langley demonstrating and instructing the hands-on portion of the On-campus class with actual students.

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