EQMT 100 Syllabus

100 hour program, two classes:
EQMT 101 On Campus
EQMT 102 On-Line 

Sequence of Course: Washington State RCW’s regulating (as per Department of Health Board of Massage),  Equine Massage RCW 246-830-435 Animal massage training.

Total Hours:

Theory & Practice (25 Hours)
Kinesiology (25 Hours)
Anatomy & Physiology (20 Hours)
First Aid (4 Hours)
Behavior & Handling (26 Hours)

  1. For the purpose of animal massage practitioner endorsement as provided in chapter 18.108 RCW, board approval will be given to any training that consists of a minimum of one hundred hours. An hour of training is defined as fifty minutes out of a clock hour of actual instructional time.
  2. These one hundred hours must consist of the following:
    (a) Twenty-five hours of animal massage technique;
    (b) Twenty-five hours of animal kinesiology;
    (c) Twenty hours of animal anatomy and physiology;
    (d) Four hours of animal first aid which includes knowledge of normal vital signs,
    identification of emergency or life threatening situations, emergency first-aid application,
    and legal boundaries of emergency situations; and
    (e) Twenty-six hours of proper handling techniques which must include instruction on the
    ability to control the animal to minimize risk of harm to the animal and the animal
    massage practitioner.

Statutory Authority: RCW 18.108.230(5). 03-11-033, § 246-830-435, filed 5/15/03, effective 6/15/03.

Langley Equine Studies