Attendance Requirements / Policy:

Student attendance records are recorded daily. Records are available for student review upon request. Absenteeism for more than 20 percent of the total program constitutes cause for dismissal. A student who has greater than 20 percent absences will have his or her case reviewed by the school director with the likelihood of being dropped from the program. Attendance is assigned 5% of each quarter grade.

Appearance: All students must come to class having good hygiene and wearing appropriate and comfortable attire. Students must wear boots or proper shoes when at barn around horses, when working around horses no flip-flops, sandals or spurs will be allowed.

Tardiness: Developing good work ethics is an important part of the training at Langley Equine Studies. Students arriving late for class are interrupting the instructor and other students. The following recording system will be used for tardiness. Tardiness will have to be made up and arrangements made with instructor. Making up missed hours will be charged a fee of $30.00 an hour.

1 to 15 minutes late will be counted as 15 minutes late

16 to 30 minutes late will be counted as 30 minutes late

31 to 60 minutes late will be counted as 1 hour late

Code of Conduct: The following conduct is unacceptable and will not be tolerated:

All forms of bias including race, ethnicity, gender, disability, national origin, and creed as demonstrated through verbal and/or written communication and/or physical acts.

Sexual harassment including creating a hostile environment and coercing an individual to perform sexual favors in return for something.

All types of proven dishonesty, including cheating, plagiarism, knowingly furnishing false information to the institution, forgery, and alteration or use of institution documents with intent to defraud are grounds for dismissal.

Students who intentional disrupt or obstruct teaching, administration, disciplinary proceedings, public meetings and programs, or other school activities are grounds for probation.

Theft or damage to the school premises or damage to the property of a member of the school community on the school premises is grounds for dismissal.

Violation of Washington State laws on school premises; this includes, but is not limited to, the use of alcoholic beverages or controlled dangerous substances.

Cell phones are not permitted during class time.

Conditions for Dismissal:

*Not adhering to the school’s rules, regulations, policies, and code of conduct

*Missing more than 20 percent of instruction time

*Not maintaining the minimum grade point average of 75 %

*Not meeting financial responsibilities to the school

*Conviction of any crime

*Physical or mental health conditions that jeopardize the success of the school or well-being of students.

*Behavior; disrespectful and discourteous that is harmful to self or others.

*Alcohol and drug use possession, or distribution

The school director will notify the student in writing should it become necessary to dismiss the student. The dismissal letter will contain the date and the reason for dismissal. Prepaid tuition will be refunded according to the school’s refund policy.

         Probation: Students may be placed on academic probation for an unsatisfactory level of performance. Prior to any probationary actions, the School Director/Instructors will meet with student to discuss and outline specific steps to remedy the situation.

         Student Complaint/Appeal Process: Students who have a complaint or who would like to appeal a dismissal must request in writing an appointment for an interview with the school director. The written request should include the following information:

Student’s full name and current address

A statement of the concern including dates, times, instructors, and if applicable, other students involved

Date of complaint letter and signature of the student

Three dates submitted in-which the student would be available for a meeting with the school director. These dates should be within 10 business days of the complaint.

The school director will notify the student in writing of the appointment date in which the concerns or appeal will be addressed. Every effort will be made to bring an amicable closure to the concern. Should it be necessary, a panel of instructors will hear the concerns and will be asked to assist in bringing a resolution to concerns and / or appeals. The student will be notified in writing within five business days of the outcome of the meetings. Should the contract be canceled by either the student or the school the last date of attendance will be used as the date to calculate any refund in accordance with the school’s refund policy.

“Nothing in the dismissal policy prevents the student from contacting the Workforce Board at 360-709-4600 at any time with a concern or complaint.”

Langley Equine Studies