Application fee: $100.00

Course materials & books: $350.00

Class Deposit: $500.00 (for On-campus students)

EQMT 100 programs:

101 - On-Campus $ 1950.00
102 - On-line $ 975.00 + 50 Hour “LAB”
103 Home-Study $ 850.00 + 50 Hour “LAB”

EQMT 300 Programs:

301 – On-Campus $ 7695.00
302 - On-line $ 6895.00 + 50 Hour “LAB”
303 - Home Study $ 6695.00 + 50 Hour “LAB

50 Hour Hands-on Lab Fee: $1295.00 – All equine massage classes except on-campus require the 50 hours hands on lab to complete the course. These 50 hours of hands on instruction are also required by NBCAAM to be eligible to take their “National” exam. Taking the NBCAAM is required in Washington State in order to apply for your license at the DOH Board of Massage and is a graduation requirement at Langley Equine Studies.

National Certification Lab (50 Hours): $1500.00

(Advance massage techniques for therapists who need the hours to qualify for NBCAAM)

Financial Aid: N/A (Federal financial aid is not granted)

Credit for previous training: N/A

Equine Alternative Therapy Classes, tuition listed in course description pages.

Upon acceptance, all students are required to make arrangements with school administrator to pay for their tuition either in full or sign a tuition contract, for monthly/quarterly payments. All tuition balances are due and payable prior to each quarter and graduation.

Tuition Contract: Monthly payments for the length of the program (no interest charge assessed) Monthly payments are due upon agreed date as stated in tuition contract, if payment is not met in a timely fashion, exclusion from class will be imposed.

Payment accepted in cash or checks.

Student loans with the bank must be satisfied regardless of the success or lack of success at Langley Equine Studies, LLC. When a student is given a loan he or she signs a promissory note with the bank. This loan is the same as any other loan and the student has full responsibility for managing the loan and its repayment.