Myo-Fascial Release

We offer a variety of treatment techniques, which can be used by equine therapists, horse owners and trainers to decrease pain, inflammation, and treat muscle strains.

We provide an economical educational opportunity that establishes a solid basis, for therapy skills for starting (or improving) an equine therapy business or just improve your horses well-being. We ensure a positive learning environment, by facilitating healing of injuries, improve performance, provide pain relief, and soothe sore muscles.

    Our motto is: “A Healthy Horse is a Happy Horse”

“Certification” is available for students who want to enter equine therapy as a vocation.

Class Description & Schedule: Available in a combination of 1-2 day clinics.
Classes will be offered Friday-Sunday, (during summer months week-day classes are available upon request).

Three student minimum for on-site clinics. All clinics and courses offered involve Q & A discussions, lecture and testing in the class-room and hands-on sessions in the barn. A topic primer and clinic book are provided.

One day of training is from 4-8 (typically 6) hours. Students will be practicing on live equine subjects.

Clinics can be hosted by a stable – boarding facility.

Equine Myo-fascial Release 101 & 102 Programs:

MFFR-101: Myo-fascial Release & Body-Work Introductory Course
8 hour clinic
Tuition $250.00
MFFR-102: Advanced Myo-fascial Release & Body Work Certification Class
3 day clinic. Course includes structural integration.
Tuition $750.00