EQMT 100

EQMT 100:  (Equine Massage Therapist) 100 hour program

EQMT 101: On-campus Length 4 months, (Day) class Mondays 9am-3:30 pm. This class will be offered twice within a calendar year. An evening class is available upon request with a 3 student minimum; time is 5 PM-9 PM.

EQMT 102: On-Line class via our web site. Enrollment is available year-round. Once course materials are completed with minimum GPA, student is eligible to attend the required 50 hour hands on lab for final training and testing. This lab will be on-campus, for 6 days, 8 hour a day.

EQMT 103: Long Distance (Home Study). This is a study at your own pace program. Completion is required within one year.  For completion of program fifty (50) of the 100 hours will be on-site, for a 6 day, 8 hour a day practical (LAB) hands- on training and testing. This class will be offered continually, with designated weeks set through-out the year for the hands on training, at the Langley Equine Campus.



Scope & Sequence  – Equine Massage Therapist EQMT 100 Courses 

Method of Instruction: is instructor-lead, lecture, demonstrator, practical exercise, distance learning, lab, computer-assisted, video’s and other media and the self-study method.


To start and grow an equine massage practice, a student must be able to be confident and communicate with equine professionals. A graduate needs to be able to evaluate a horse and effectively treat him / her so that there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that your work is valuable and effective. The therapeutic approach taught at Langley Equine studies is “Swedish Massage” techniques, a combination of Myo-fascial Release, Neuromuscular, and Structural Reintegration and acupressure modalities.  Functional Anatomy, Anatomy of Equine Movement, Pathophysiology of Pain and Fitness are also taught. Langley Equine Studies is an intensive program of study to discover a greater level of awareness and communication between human and horse as the basis for therapeutic treatment. Successful business practices, marketing and record-keeping are also included in the core curriculum.

Sequence of Course:

WA State RCW’s regulating e Equine massage:

RCW 246-830-435 Animal massage training.   For the purpose of animal massage therapist endorsement “Large Animal Endorsement” as provided in chapter 18.108  RCW

An hour of training is defined as fifty minutes out of a clock hour of actual instructional time.

These one hundred hours consist of the following:

  • Twenty-five hours of animal massage technique
  • Twenty-five hours of animal kinesiology
  • Twenty hours of animal anatomy and physiology
  • Four hours of animal first aid, which include knowledge of normal vital signs, identification of emergency or life threatening situations, emergency first-aid application, and legal boundaries of emergency situations
  • Twenty-six hours of proper handling techniques which must include instruction on the ability to control the animal to minimize risk of harm to the animal and the animal massage practitioner.