Course Descriptions


  1. EQMT 100 Hour Course – For Licensed Massage Therapist
  2. EQMT 300 Hour Course – For Non-LMT’s  (horses only)
Equine Massage Therapist – EQMT 100 and EQMT 300 Programs will provide licensing opportunity for students wanting to enter the equine massage vocation, with a “Large Animal Endorsement” from the State of WA Board of Massage.  All other “Enrichment” classes are for the furtherance of equine education in alternative therapy.
EQMT Classes are available in three formats:
  • On-campus: (offered annually, once a year from September – May)
  • On-line: via the internet on the Langley Equine Studies web site, (can be enrolled year-round)
  • Long Distance: (home study) this class utilizes the Langley Equine Studies text book, course materials and dvd, study at your own pace, completion within 12 months from entrance date.
The EQMT 100 and EQMT 300 series of classes are a full body massage approach specializing in traditional “Swedish” Massage techniques and is NOT a quick “Sports” massage routine. Sports massage is taught in the course but is not the main emphasis.


Anatomy & Physiology:
Systems of the body & Functions
Kinesiology: Study of movement
Massage Technique: Basic to Advance
Pathology: Equine diseases
Muscles & Fascia
Conformation vs Posture
Gait analysis
Fitness & Nutrition
Business Practices
First Aid

Alternative Therapy –Self Enrichment Classes


Trigger Point Therapy
Acupressure Point Therapy
Myo-fascial Release
Equine Fitness & Injury Prevention
Fundamentals of Equine Massage
Advanced Equine Sports Massage
Aromatherapy For Horses

Nuchal ligament paintedSlicks Nose