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Would you like a rewarding and profitable career as an Equine Massage & Body Work Therapist?

There is no better time than the present, to make the decision to go to school. Langley Equine studies is the only Washington State approved college, offering a 100% on-campus classes. Out of State or International students may experience an abundant education via our online classes and extensive tutorial video library. Students can expect to learn from a hands on environment, from a professional licensed massage therapist instructor. Langley Equine Studies provides an equine massage licensing programs for the licensed (human) massage therapist as well as the individual who only chooses to work on horses. We also have hands-on “labs” for students who need the hours to qualify for the State or National exams.

Veterans may use their education benefits for select programs at Langley Equine Studies.

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This is a testimony from a 300 hour on-line student:

Hello Mary Lou! Just checking in to let you know I am ready for Lesson 7. I have also completed all the videos for the lessons I have completed and they are still VERY helpful for me. I have been working on horses of family and friends and feel that with every horse I learn something new or notice something special that gives me more confidence as a massage therapist. I also want to thank you for the “kick in the butt” I needed when I visited last. You gave me the speech I was needing to make me a better student and helped me have the motivation to follow my dream. So thank you, very much. Emily Stankey.

There are few times in our lives that we feel we have found your niche in life, this program was it for me.

I was in the first graduating class at Langley Equine studies and graduated May of 2015, there is not a day that I regret the time and money spent on this program. It is a laborious course but well worth it! I learned all the needed skills to be a successful equine massage therapist from this course, but learned many life skills in the process. Read full testimonial…